Monday, December 1, 2008

Boulder is Improving on the First Day of December at The Lazy Vegan

Boulder takes it easy in his bed by the computer!
Boulder seems to be walking much better today with just a slight limp - so I'm hopeful that he'll be even better tomorrow! It was a cold first day of December- the sun only came out briefly. In the evening I started to make a wreath out of bamboo- rather unconventional for the holiday, but it might work out - I'll post a photo on the blog later. And that's about it for anything newsworthy for the day at The Lazy Vegan!

Solo helps with chores again at dusk!

Toby is thinking: Please, please, please, please, please...throw the ball!

Carrot treat time was just one big excuse for affection this afternoon!
Paco gets attention from the foreman.

Below, Randy does his imitation of a donkey.

Which the donkeys seemed intrigued by.

Sometimes I DO wonder what our neighbors think.

Posing with Paco!

Trying to grab a donkey below.

Dispersing the carrots!

Weegie is so happy it is carrot treat time!

It was so cold Randy wore his snow cap!