Thursday, December 18, 2008

Countdown to Christmas at The Lazy Vegan

It certainly has seemed very Christmasy around here lately with the frosty mornings! Once again I had to go out early to break the ice in the donkey's waterers. I don't know at what point during the night they freeze- hopefully Paco and Weegie get their bedtime drinks of water in before the freezing point! Today I did a bit of Christmas shopping for the kids in the family- so it was my first venture out in shopping-zoo-land this season. First I got another bale of hay (in the backseat of my car, which is getting old- but the truck was unavailable) and then circled around the parking lot for eons before finding a spot. On the return to the parking lot, it was easy to spot my car with the huge bale of hay and pine shavings in the seats! I then drove home the back way, so I could go by the Honkey Donkey Farm. Despite having donkeys of my own, I still LOVE to pass by the Honkey Donkey Farm. The donkeys were all milling around like they had really important things to do. I need to go visit soon. With my camera!
Boulder doesn't like to get his paws cold on the cold & wet ground.

Today's toy of choice is the stupid fluffly bone!

Bravo saw some wild turkeys, but he was leash-bound and couldn't run after them.

Fun with the ball at dusk.

Boulder pretty much owns the upstairs bed now.

I don't know if it is something to do with the cold- but I've noticed more birds than usual out and about.

It is great to have another donkey to rest your head on. There's a lone donkey (well, he's with two sheep) at a property I pass a lot and I'd love to bring him home to The Lazy Vegan.

Bird trying to warm up on the fence.

I've been using the lid of a plastic container to carry the hay out to the feeder- and Weegie was intrigued by it. I think he likes orange- he really pays attention to my feet when I wear my orange clogs out to the pasture.

I did "carrot treat time" by myself today. It is a much bigger hit with the donkeys when the foreman does it, for some reason.

But I did get the boys to come into the corral and Weegie even took some carrot pieces from me when I placed them on the bench for him!

The Red-shouldered hawk from yesterday afternoon.