Sunday, December 7, 2008

Donkeys in the Mist

The fog never left The Lazy Vegan- it was here in the morning and stayed all day- and once again, it was COLD! Paco & Luigi got a lot of attention from neighbors who had house guests and they all came by to see the boys- too bad I didn't have my camera with me- one little girl was very enthusiastic. She wanted to know how old they donkeys were, and when I told her their actual birthdates, she exclaimed that her birthday was in February, too- February 29th! She looked about four years old. Paco and Luigi were on pretty good behavior (just pretty good because they started to nip one another). They really seem to enjoy visitors!
The boys spent a lot of time staring at the family of deer across the road.
Donkeys in the mist!

Paco always seems to have to have something to do. Here he plays with a stick while Weegie grazes.
He's quite proud of his ability to pick things up.

And of course he had to help with the chores.

It was so cold and foggy that I'm thinking P & L need donkey sweaters.

They sure would look cute in some knitted red sweaters for the holidays!

Paco seems open to the idea. Or maybe just a scarf.

Weegie decides he's had enough of the photographer!

You can see why the neighbors had to bring guests over to meet them. They're just so damn cute!

Watching a jack rabbit zoom by on the hill next to us.

"Hey, Weegie! That rabbit has ears like US!"
The birds like to perch on the hay feeder before they bravely fly over to the automatic waterer for a drink.
Festive tree on The Lazy Vegan terrace.
Bravo helps bake vegan star cookies...he's hoping for a crumb or two for his efforts!
Pre-dinner relaxation time.