Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Extending "Carrot Treat Time" to Enjoy Another Day of Beautiful Sunshine at The Lazy Vegan

We extended the noon hour for carrot treat time today to spend some quality time hanging out with the donkeys (and dogs, and Boulder!). Paco and Luigi in particular wanted a lot of attention from the foreman of The Lazy Vegan. If Paco sees Luigi getting a hug or an ear rub, he'll charge over to them to get his fair share of affection! The dogs were mostly interested in the carrot treats. I'm really happy that the donkeys are getting to enjoy this nice weather, even if it gets so cold at night that I'm really tempted to bring them indoors (in theory, they COULD make it up the terrace steps and hang out in the house...really they're just a hoof away from that possibility!).
An attempt to get a photo of me with my Weegie. Alas, he never wants to linger long enough for Randy to take the picture!
I would imagine that it has to kind of go to the head of the foreman of the Lazy Vegan- the fact that his donkeys are just crazy about him!

I sure do love my Weegie. What a cute expression!

I had a ball in one hand and the camera in the other- and Toby knew it!

Lining up for hugs.

Blue skies, green grass...what more could a donkey ask for?

Another attempt to pose with my boys. They weren't in the mood!
While Solo was off wandering, Toby & Bravo flew around the pasture.
Randy practically gets knocked over when he does this.
Posing for the photo!The youngest terrier strikes a pose.

The donkeys just swarm around Randy.

Pretty much they smother him.

Randy calls Bravo, who was bad and snuck away down to the road.

The carrots go fast!