Saturday, December 6, 2008

First Saturday in December at The Lazy Vegan

It was a freezing morning on the first Saturday of December at The Lazy Vegan- frost everywhere! The donkeys are definitely growing their winter coats- they look much fuzzier lately, and Paco is even sporting a few curls! Boulder wants to spend even more time inside when it is cold- and the pups park it right next to the heater vents! And I think I've used enough exclamation points to discuss the colder weather! Be sure to check out our NEW Disco holiday video at the bottom of this posting- we're getting pretty good!

In the afternoon Boulder got out a bit.

He likes to hang out when the dogs are out.

When I was out with the dogs and Boulder, I heard a really loud rumble and looked up to see four jets flying in formation- it was quite the sight! Then they circled around and came back toward the house- I took a ton of photos but only two came out o.k.

There wasn't an airshow or anything like that going on- and they didn't look like military planes- so I don't know what was going on! Here they are above our big pine tree.

Boulder in one of his favorite napping spots.

The donkeys keeping warm in the morning.

Weegie looks adorable.

I got an email today with this amazing elephant rescue story. You can see the video of Ned, too, if you visit the elephant sanctuary website: http://www.elephants.com/Ned/nedstart.htm

The USDA confiscated Ned, an elephant who was 1,000 pounds underweight, from a Florida circus trainer. The skin-and-bones images reflect perhaps as many as 20 years of deprivation, but Ned held on for a better day and now it has come at the elephant sanctuary in Tennessee.
Height: 9'6"
Weight: 7,500 pounds
Born: 10/10/87
Reason for coming to the Sanctuary: USDA confiscation on 11/8/08
Favorite Food: Any