Friday, December 19, 2008

A Friday Full of Sunshine & Clouds at The Lazy Vegan

It was a great day to dry out a bit at The Lazy Vegan! I cleaned up a lot in the pasture and barn and emptied rain water out of various buckets around the property. The donkeys were very happy to have a warmer day- Weegie kept trying to take a late afternoon nap in the sunshine but Paco would run over make him get up! With less than a week to go till Christmas, I am ALL SET for the big day. "Opting out" of the gift exchange sure makes it EASIER!
Just as Weegie was getting cozy, Paco hurried on over.

It is so cute when the donkeys lie down!
The turkeys were enjoying the day, too.

I love the turkeys.
Boulder took one of his many naps on the downstairs bed.

He sure knows how to make himself comfortable.
A Spring flower- EARLY!

Boulder hangs out by the old oak tree.

The dogs watch me clean the pasture from their window seat perch.

Bravo being himself- above and below!

Toby was in such a good mood he just had to sing about it!

Playful pups.

Some clouds and mist, but all in all a beautiful day!

Remember the blog posting about the half-marathon in October, when Patty and I won a prize for "Thing One and Thing Two?" Here are two of the official race photos- getting our award along with Wonder Woman and at the early morning start!