Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Holiday Continues at The Lazy Vegan!

The holiday keeps going on at The Lazy Vegan! With another day of sunshine! And another day of eating and visiting. The donkeys were thrilled to see the extended family- Paco showed his enthusiasm by nipping Grandpa Tom! Snap had her annual Christmas Eve dinner and flashlight event for the kids (although this year it was after Xmas Eve). A fun time was had by all!

At Grandma Snap's house for the annual dinner and flashlight event!
We had Snap and Deb sit on little stools- just like they do at school picture day!

This is my holiday beatnik outfit. It also kind of looks like p.j.s!

Karina listens to Drew.

Discussing the logistics of the exciting flashlight game.

The kids open their stockings and flashlights. Of course, most of them aren't even kids any longer!

Scott eats last.

Racing upstairs with the flashlights. This could also be called the "how-many-kids/adults-can-you-fit-in-a-condo" game.
Chatting it up at dinner.

The vegan dessert was well-marked!

Non-vegan dessert, below- Aaron was indulging.
I'm all excited over my cup of coffee. Snap makes the best coffee!

We're not shy whipped cream users in this family. Of course, we vegans use the soy kind.

Claire and Randy.

I love this photo below: great expressions on the observers of the whipped cream action!

Karina helps put together Drew's toy.

Drew and his "fruit" clock.Anth and Becky. Poor Anthony wasn't feel well.

At the Lazy Vegan, paying extra attention to Boulder!
Boulder loved all the attention.

Boulder and Grandpa Tom!

Aaron and Luigi.

Hanging out on the terrace.

John won the second annual "barn hat raffle"!

Badminton under a sunny blue sky.

The badminton audience on the terrace.

Amanda and John keep their eyes on the birdie.

I probably took too many badminton photos...but as a reminder to the blog reader, if you double click on the photo you can see it large- and the view is more impressive that way!

Bravo with Grandpa Tom & Grandma Deb!

Deb holds Solo!
I get into the group shot!

Dad with the donkeys.
Bravo soaks up the undivided attention!

It is hard to believe it is December!

More badminton...

Weegie follows the foreman of The Lazy Vegan!

Visiting Paco & Luigi.

Grandpa Tom tells the donkeys a story.

Toby seems to be the topic of conversation!

Weegie waits for a carrot, while Boulder relaxes with his new toy below.

The shadow of a donkey figurine!
Paco and Luigi had a morning visit from two deer.

Even with all the craziness of the holidays, Boulder managed to get in all his naps!