Saturday, December 13, 2008

Just a Fine, Fine Day at The Lazy Vegan

What a fine day it turned out to be at The Lazy Vegan! All that talk about rain ended up being just talk- although we did have a super windy night last night. But I'm now all set for rain: got the hay today (just one bale, since Randy used the truck to pick up a Christmas tree for a client) and fresh pine shavings and cedar chips- I mix them in with the pine shavings every other month to keep the barn smelling nice - and cedar also keeps the insect population away. Today was also- you guessed it- WORMING DAY for the donkeys- it actually was Dec. 1st, but it took me this long to remember to buy the worming medicine. Paco is really easy to "worm" but Luigi isn't. Both boys had a super fun morning running endlessly in the sunshine- all in all, a great day! This is the stare-down position in the late afternoon. It is followed with two hee-haws.

Weegie after having his worming medicine. He really doesn't like it. It is amazing that I get any of it down him at all.

And Paco after his dose.

Boulder was quite content to hang outdoors today.

Solo with the weight of the world on his little terrier shoulders.

It took several tries to get these poses with my Paco. And then I fell over, and he actually put one of his legs across mine- so I couldn't get up for a few seconds. It is moments like that one that I'm acutely reminded of how strong and heavy the donkeys really are!

Paco is such a ham. So am I!

I think he looks like a horse here.

The worming paste- nasty stuff. I put it in a piece of bread and wad up the bread. I think the problem with Luigi today is that the bread got stuck in the roof of his mouth.

Such a smug cat. Really tough taking all those naps, too.

The bale of new hay in the back of the Altima! Along with the bags of pine shavings, cedar chips and dog food and misc. animal items in the trunk!
The foreman moved the bale of hay for me.One bale of hay is extremely heavy!

Weegie was pretty excited to hear about the fresh hay.

Playing in the early morning! Lots of birds were out, too.

It is so much fun to watch the donkeys run.

Biting the ankles.

I sat out in the pasture for a long time, taking photos.

The boys will run from the barn & through the pasture to the oak tree on the other side and back- it seems to be their favorite course!

After a long cold windy night, the boys were happy to have the sun!