Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!!!

It was a very merry Christmas at the Lazy Vegan!! The sun came out, which made it especially nice. The donkeys got a chance to dry out and we were able to play our annual badminton game! (Not with the donkeys, though). The terriers got new toys (thanks to the grandparents) and even Boulder got some new toy mice...the donkeys got a Christmas walk and I got a clean house thanks to the foreman of The Lazy Vegan- who spent all Christmas Eve. rearranging the kitchen and cleaning! The day ended with a rousing Pictionary game out at the beach house- and Randy drove down late in the afternoon to Santa Cruz to spend the rest of Christmas with his mom and sister. As I type this, I realize that I am alone for the first Christmas IN MY LIFE- it is very odd to think that is correct, but it is. Of course, I am not really alone- I'm with three dogs, two donkeys and a cat!
It was a wonderful surprise to wake up to the possibility of sunshine!

The donkeys got to dry out their wet coats.

Claire with Solo.

Toby gets cozy with Claire and Paul.

Getting Luigi's attention.

The badminton game!

What a bunch of pros!

What style!

Even the cows across the way were impressed with the game.

Karina and Snap.
Karina and Claire.

Paul and Bravo.

Solo's new toy!

Me with Snap and our silly hats.

I love getting photos by "The Lazy Vegan" sign. So ridiculous!

Claire and the pups.

Claire on the terrace.Lindsey and Paul.

Randy's happy with his gift!

I show off one of the new dog toys from Snap- it must be a GARDEN burger!

A Santa-like cloud.

Opening up stockings.

Sitting around the kitchen table.

Randy in my favorite holiday hat- a really retro-looking motorcycle type of helmet with antlers!

Taking the boys for their holiday walk!

They look a bit like reindeer.

Morning Christmas lounging by the barn!

They were very good Christmas donkeys!!

Aaron and Anthony at the beach house.

Playing Pictionary.

Amanda tries to convey what she is thinking without talking!

John gives a high-five to Aaron.
Anth and Drew guess what John's drawing.

Drew! Becky in her new hat.

Drew gives the "go ahead" sign.
Becky is ready to win!

Christmas Dinner- made by Patty!

No Christmas meal is complete without burned buns!

Patty makes mashed potatoes.

Making sure the burned buns are...well, burnt enough!!
Especially to the animals of the world everywhere- someday there will be peace and equality for ALL creatures, great and small!