Friday, December 12, 2008

Not Really Ready for Rain at The Lazy Vegan

#1: Prop. 2 - A big victory in the fight against cruelty to farm animals
I was really excited to read online that California's Prop. 2 made TIME magazine's top ten animal stories of the year- it is number one!

None of us are really ready for the rain here at The Lazy Vegan...I still haven't gone to get new hay (and I'll have to tomorrow, because the boys are almost out!) or straw or new pine shavings...so I'll be going first thing in the morning and will hopefully beat the weather. If not, there's always the backseat of my car- I can fit ONE bale of hay perfectly there! Last night Randy spent quality time with the donkeys in the moonlight by the barn- they really appreciate a late night visit from their "papa"!

Typical Paco behavior- trying to pick something up. In this case, it is the hose to the automatic waterer.

The back of the boys! They're watching Boulder on the driveway.

You can just barely see the speck of Boulder on the driveway.

Toby with this week's favorite toy- the donkey!

Boulder was the one helping today with the evening chores.

The donkeys play before bedtime.

Remember the wreath I was attempting to make? It didn't work out. It looked like a giant spider crawling up our house. So I broke down and bought a traditional wreath.

The plants in the garden are still appealing to the donkeys!

Weegie scratches an itch on the bench.

It takes Solo a really long time to make it up the driveway now.

But he's still peppy on flat ground!

They may look cute and patient here, but they're both whining away (that funny little squeaking noise) for their sweet grain!

Bravo smells something.

And seconds later I spot this deer!

Solo spots it, too- and howls about it.

With my special Boulder.

Randy's moonlight visit with the boys!

They loved the extra attention.