Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Playful Tuesday at The Lazy Vegan

By 7/24/08 from Politico
Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) tells People magazine in the issue out Friday that he and his wife, Michelle, do not give Christmas or birthday presents to their two young daughters. Obama tells the magazine’s Sandra Sobieraj Westfall in a seven-page cover story that he and his wife follow the unusual practice because they “want to teach some limits.”

It is nice to know I have some pretty darn good company when it comes to wanting to limit or even eliminate gift giving at Christmas! I was happy today to discover that several co-workers and friends feel exactly as I do about Christmas now- that it has become an incredibly stressful holiday and that gift-giving just adds to the stress- so I'm sticking to my new (second year in a row!) tradition of not celebrating Christmas by giving gifts (or receiving them!). I'm going to try to come up with a fun alternative to actually have a fun & meaningful day, instead. The donkeys had a playful day today- starting first thing in the early morning- I think they like to run to get warm when it is so cold out! The terriers, on the other hand, will seek out a warm place to nap inside! Boulder is walking even better today- I'm so glad!
Very playful donkeys - running around and kicking and biting!

Today a neighbor slowed down when she saw them out running- and she rolled down her window and yelled "I love to watch them!"
Impatiently waiting for me to serve the sweet grain snack!

There's a lot of wrestling to get "first in line".

Paco is always quite full of himself.

I can tell that Boulder is feeling better because he hung out far away from the house today.

The beginning of my homemade wreath- it is NOT finished yet! I am making it out of bamboo and other plants I find around the yard. I should have it finished in another day or two.
Toby's always on alert, even with a ball in his mouth!

The ridiculous moose toy- it covers practically his whole face.

Begging terriers.
Solo gets cozy.

And Bravo goes back to sleep- at 5:00 a.m.!