Monday, December 22, 2008

Ready for the Holidays at The Lazy Vegan

We're all set for Santa at The Lazy Vegan...or at least the idea of Santa- the holiday spirit! The foreman of The Lazy Vegan has been REPAINTING the kitchen - hasn't quite decided what color will work yet. The donkeys are hoping for a new bale of better-tasting hay for Christmas- the last few bales haven't gone over too well. The dogs would like some toys and Boulder just wants his usual velvet pillow to lounge on. I'm looking forward to spending time with family and kicking back and being present-worry-free (gifts, that is- not THE PRESENT)! I did, however, accept a gift from Adrianne at the office today because it was something she'd made- she mysteriously asked me for two of my "Made in France" hair clasps a couple of months ago and I gave her two- and she made me these beautiful button barrettes! I love them, even if she broke the no-gift rule (she and I have an understanding). My beautiful handmade-by-Adrianne button barrettes!

Scrounging around the feeder for some decent hay.

Paco walks carefully on the muddy path.
Weegie waits for sweet-grain time.

"Uh, Paco...if you could just bellow out one of your loud hee-haws that might help us out about now".

This bird is waiting for sweet-grain time, too!

Bravo goes underground!

Randy actually wore his vegan cap into Home Depot!

Gone is the purple, here is the blue...for now.

Toby seeks warmth from the laundry pile.
A blast from the past- the foreman in his South American days!!