Friday, December 5, 2008

A Visit From My Friend Since Second Grade - Amy Comes to Meet Paco & Luigi!

Today my friend Amy- I've known her since the second grade, which automatically makes her my best friend- came to meet Paco & Luigi for the first time! She lives far away, otherwise she'd have met the donkeys a long time ago. Paco and Luigi were well-behaved and the dogs were not. Boulder pretty much kept to himself, just showing up later at dinner time. And Snap came over to visit and have a glass of wine, too- I just somehow forgot to take photos then! Posing in the barn.
Amy with Weegie.

And with Paco.

Paco checks out Amy's special "star" shoes.
Luigi is interested in the glass of wine!
Boulder appeared right before dinner.

With my Paco.

Showing off our similiar expressions!

Bravo checks out Randy's glass of wine!
A beautiful sunny day for carrot treat time.

The pups had to run for their carrot bite.
I think the donkeys are a tad annoyed at having to share their treats with the dogs!