Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Wonderful Wednesday at The Lazy Vegan

We're still really enjoying the brisk mornings and sunny afternoons at The Lazy Vegan- rain is coming this weekend, though- so before then I'm going to get some hay (a new bale that hopefully the donkeys will like better) and some straw to spread around to help with mud control in the corral, since it is supposed to rain for several days. I used to love the rain but now with the donkeys I feel bad when it is so miserable outside. I know this is my theme lately- but it seems unfair that they have to live outdoors ALL of the time (although they do have their cozy little barn that I keep pretty darn immaculate). I mentioned to Randy that the donkeys could get flannel p.j.s- which, believe it or not, they DO make for miniature donkeys and miniature horses! More like a flannel coat. They'd look awfully cute bundled up!

Very impatiently waiting for the sweet grain snack.
Paco watches while I add the new pine shavings to the barn. He just stares at me the whole time and then he tries to go into the barn to pee! I shoved him back out this evening.

Weegie enjoys the last of the sunshine.

Before heading in for the sweet grain snack.
Not a bad place to dine on hay!

Bravo thinking about who knows what.
I have to admire how much joy Toby finds in his little ball!
The birds gather round for sweet grain snack time, too...they usually will score a grain or two that is dropped.
I started off snuggling with Boulder, and Bravo got upset. So I ended up with both of them.
But first I had to calm Bravo down. He was all in a panic that somehow I wouldn't give him enough attention!
Boulder finds Bravo pretty tiresome. Solo just watched all of this from his bed.
Bravo has to make sure that Boulder knows exactly how he feels.
Right after this, Boulder managed to get in a swipe with one swift paw!