Tuesday, January 13, 2009

All's Well at The Lazy Vegan on a Tuesday

Weegie holds his head high- he's ready for sweet grain!
It was another simply wonderful warm day at The Lazy Vegan today! Boulder napped the day away under the table by the cabin. I spent a long time looking for him and actually walked by him several times before I spotted him. I think he was aware I was searching for him, but was too lazy to meow!
I've discovered I'm very allergic to the new batch of hay, which is really a bummer. I made the mistake of getting a flake and carrying it to the corral- a short distance- without long sleeves. Within seconds I had hives up and down my arms, and started sneezing and wheezing! The foreman might have to take over feeding duties until we use up this hay (this might pose a problem for the early 5:00 a.m. feeding!). Otherwise I'll gear up better next time and wear a protective suit!
Look at those faces! I don't mind dealing with a hay allergy if it means I get to be with my donkeys!
Just a handful of grain- that's all they get, but they sure do love it!

Beauiful Robin, I think...I have to learn to identify birds.
Bravo got to clean out the Earth Balance container (luckily it was almost empty) when it fell from the counter!

Boulder and the rooster.
Weegie comes to say hello.

Really silly photos of Boulder taking his siesta!

What a ham! And impressive yawn!

I captured him with the zoom lens, below- when he really was sleeping.