Monday, January 12, 2009

Another Balmy Day and a New Load of Hay at The Lazy Vegan!

Boulder soaks up the sun!

It was weirdly warm again today- on my run this morning I kept running through super warm "pockets" of air now and then- I felt like I was somewhere tropical! We're taking advantage of the great weather to do a few things around the Lazy Vegan. The foreman has a window-replacing project going on upstairs (a good thing to do before the rain comes back) and I got a fresh load of hay, pine shavings and straw for the donkeys. I'm all set for when the rain does come back- the straw is for "mud control" in the corrral so my boys don't slip and slide all over the place!

The beautiful morning light.

Right from the start, Weegie knew it was going to be a great day!

Both the boys were thrilled with the weather. They're really warm weather animals.

They move so fast when they play that sometimes it is a blur.

The foreman's window project. Soon this one will be gone.
My classically cute donkey!
Paco helps clean the barn. Such a help he is.

I've been letting the dogs hang out in the veggie garden - since it is fenced they can roam around without taking off. Bravo always gets completely engrossed in the possibility of seeing the neighbor's dog!

I can't imagine cleaning the barn without my donkeys helping!

I try to coax Weegie out of the freshly-cleaned barn before he pees!

I think the donkeys feel important helping.

Boulder's haughty look.
Two geese flew by in the early a.m.

The new hay in our former chicken coop!

The foreman had the fun job of unloading the hay from the truck.

The pine shavings are heavy!

Tons of birds out today.
Toby doesn't care what the weather is like, as long as he has his ball.