Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Bit of Rain Returns to the Lazy Vegan

Paco and Luigi make their way to the hay feeder in a bit of drizzle.
A bit of rain returned to The Lazy Vegan yesterday and today...just enough to make things dreary but not too wet. The VW Beetle handles great on wet roads, I've discovered...I'm still loving my new car! It looks cute parked in the driveway, going up and down the driveway and, well, everywhere! And of course now I'm suddenly spotting other Beetles on the road, which I never noticed before.
In other Lazy Vegan news, the long-awaited big screen t.v. arrives tomorrow! The foreman has been hard at work preparing the "media room" and everything is set!

My Beetle in the drizzle, and with Solo.
Boulder would like to take a ride in the Beetle- but for now, no animals are allowed- I'll probably use the truck for vet appointments!
Early in the morning, Toby and Bravo tried to share a bed.

Photos from late on Inauguration Day- in the beautiful sunshine!

Adorable Weegie.

And adorable Paco!

Running donkeys.

...and running right toward the photographer!

The usual help with the pasture clean up. Very helpful donkeys!!!