Saturday, January 17, 2009

Car Hunting and Donkey Lounging at The Lazy Vegan

Today I went to test drive the Nissan Versa, (the actual car I drove is above) which I've been considering if I sell the Nissan Altima. It was the second time I'd been there to test drive, and this time the salesman gave me the keys and let me go off by myself- which was a good thing, because after zooming around and really giving it a good test, I decided it is not the car for me- cute as it is. It handles o.k. at lower speeds but not at freeway speed and the interior seems inferior for the money. So the search continues! I then went on and test drove a V.W. New Beetle (CUTE) and the Mini Cooper (WOW). Both were really fun to drive. The Mini was interesting because it was standard transmission and it has been a long time since I've shifted- but after jerking around the parking lot for a few minutes, it all came back to me and I whizzed down the road! No decisions being made yet. Will keep the blog reader posted! Meanwhile, the donkeys have absolutely no concerns about a new car- they're too busy lounging!

Weegie looks at his mama (a.ka. me!)

Boulder helped me out with some online car research.

Another great day for lounging and dust baths!

Check out Paco's hilarious leg below.

Such attitude!

Being lazy at The Lazy Vegan!

Beautiful brilliant blue sky!