Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Celebrating Inauguration Day at The Lazy Vegan

OH, OBAMA! What a great day for Obama to take the oath! While we watched the inauguration on t.v., the donkeys showed their support for the new president by taking extra long naps in the morning sunshine. The dogs barked now and then to show their enthusiasm, and Boulder was no where to be seen- no doubt he wanted to celebrate in solitude. With my new (to me) VW Beetle parked in the driveway, the sky blue and the sun bright and Obama in office, the day felt full of future
promise! What a great speech!

Boulder is very happy that we now have President Obama.

The donkeys really took a long rest to help celebrate the day!

Bravo did his share of lounging, too.

Paul visited yesterday!
Which Bravo is always thrilled about.

Bravo loves Paul but is also wary of him. They make a cute combo!

I took my Beetle through the car wash! Yes, I took a photo!

Some interior shots of the cute Beetle. I need a name for my new Beetle!

I don't think I've ever been this enthused about a car before!