Friday, January 30, 2009

Celebrating My 44th Birthday at The Lazy Vegan!

When I woke up today (at a reasonable 5:30 a.m.- the animals let me sleep in!), the first thing I thought of was that I was 44. FORTY-FOUR!!! This just doesn't seem possible. Sometimes I still feel like I'm fourteen! (Not necessarily a good thing). I had a nice birthday doing low-key things- the highlight of the day was going to buy fake flowers for my Beetle! And then we had a nice dinner at our favorite vegan restaurant, Slice of Life. Right now as I post this entry, I'm eating my vegan German Chocolate cake. I'm happy to be 44 and was happy to spend the day celebrating with the animals! Maybe next year they'll sing Happy Birthday to me!
Wearing my new bright yellow birthday blouse!

The donkeys were being extra cute, in honor of my b-day!

My giant daisy in the Beetle! I couldn't decide which color I liked best- so I bought a bunch- now I can switch them around!
Isn't this the cutest car in the world? What other car has a special spot on the dash for a flower???

This is exciting: a pair of vegan shoes I ordered a while ago came today! Perfect timing.

I was spoiled this birthday with fun gifts!

Bravo's not sure about the new shoes. Or the birthday business.

The orange daisy!

Morning geese!

Grazing donkeys.

Solo can't believe how old I am!

With my Boulder in the media room!