Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Day of Gray at The Lazy Vegan

Crowding around for carrot treat time!
A gray day doesn't mean no fun at The Lazy Vegan...business went along as usual! The foreman played tennis and I tooled around town in my Beetle, which I am still crazy about. The dogs were happy lounging inside and playing outdoors. Boulder didn't budge from his heated bed. The donkeys were the only ones who seemed to have the drizzly-gray-day-blues...they kept hee-hawing on the hour, just about every hour (or so it seemed). Finally I fed them an hour early. We realized they're overdue for a long walk- so that's the plan for tomorrow! And the plan for this evening is to watch a movie on the new big-screen t.v., which has such a looming presence it is almost like having a new member of the family!

The grass is definitely coming back in the pasture, but the boys eat it as soon as it grows up.

Playful donkeys, even if they were bored.
Weegie gave the most hee-haws today. His are particularly heartbreaking and endearing sounding at the same time.

Blue Bird or Blue Jay.

The boys kept following me around the pasture!

Paco was a bit perturbed, too.

Heading into the corral to check out the fresh straw I put down for mud control.

Chomping down the Cypress tree!

Running after turkeys, which you can just see by the fence.
Luckily the donkeys have no interest in eating the straw. They're smart boys!

The same blue bird again!