Friday, January 9, 2009

The Farrier Visits and the Lazy Vegan Turns High-Definition!

Morning at The Lazy Vegan!

It was time for the farrier to visit The Lazy Vegan again- much to the dismay of the donkeys. They were particularly impatient with the process today, especially Luigi- he really put up a fuss! But once it was over they were released into the "big pasture" and ran off on their freshly-trimmed hooves. The Lazy Vegan also received a visit from Dish Network today- a LONG visit- and now we're all set up with High Definition and other various things we need for the huge t.v. that we "won" through our credit card auction (the t.v. hasn't arrived yet, but we - or I should say the foreman- wanted to be prepared in advanced). The Dish Network guy gave us a thorough tutorial on how to operate the system- it came with two fancy remote controls. He taught us how to record programs- something that, according to him, most Americans already do (he has no idea how little t.v. we watch). And we get three months of free movie channels- pretty darn exciting!

Paco helps out with the lead rope!

Getting harnessed up and ready for the farrier.

The foreman gives his boys a pre-farrier pep talk.

Paco knows something's up. And he's pretty sure he's not going for a walk!

Paco gets some attention during the trimming process.

It takes a pretty long time. I think I always say that, but it does!

Paco was fairly good today.

I can't imagine this being done without the foreman's help.

Close up below.
Well, the same photo twice!

Weegie was the difficult one today.

He needed to be pushed into place!

You can see how helpful I am. That's my shadow to the right. Busy taking photos!

Whew- done at last!

A pair of turkeys discuss the going-ons at The Lazy Vegan.

The pups check out the new bench below. They like how it makes the table even easier to access!

The new remote- one of them!

And the Dish Network van!