Saturday, January 3, 2009

The First Few Days of the New Year at The Lazy Vegan

So far it has been a great start to the new year...beautiful weather and happy animals at The Lazy Vegan! The donkeys, dogs and Boulder had one last holiday visit this morning before Dad & Deb head back home to Southern California. Boulder especially liked the undivided attention!
Boulder with Grandpa Tom!
And with Grandma Deb!
Boulder is thinking: Hey! I LIKE these people!

Hanging out in the newly-rearranged kitchen.

Dad hangs out with Boulder while Randy's in the pasture with the rest of the crew.

Getting extra attention.

Bravo gets a pet.

The donkeys are going to miss holiday visitors!!

Dad and Boulder have a chat.

Snap, Deb and the donkeys discuss things.

Bravo visits Snap.
And Solo gets comforted by Snap.

Grandpa Tom talks to Weegie and Paco. Next time he needs to bring a book to read to them!

It looks like a regular zoo around here.

A silly photo earlier in the morning at the Willow Wood Cafe!

Weegie looks for intruders...we had a coyote nearby in the morning.Weegie and the view.

And Weegie playing the exciting pull-the-fence-gate game!
Paco goes in for a charge.

Playing around while waiting for sweet grain time.

So dramatic- holding up the empty sweet grain pan as a big hint to me!!

Weegie gets his point across to Paco.

Solo approves of the new bench/coffee table!
Not a very clear photo, but it gives you an idea of the good size of the coyote that visited The Lazy Vegan!! I was very happy to see the donkeys band together and give an impressive assertive stance in the direction of the coyote, who then ran off when I tried to get closer with the camera.