Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Getting into the Post-Holiday Groove at The Lazy Vegan

Boulder is a bit peeved that the holidays are over.

Things are getting back to normal here at The Lazy Vegan. One of the hardest things about that is eating "back to normal". There was no need for an excuse to eat fun food at Christmas. I'm on day two of trying to eat no or little wheat, which I am finding very difficult. It is in everything! Combine that with my already restrictive vegan diet and there's not much left to eat. Actually, there is TONS left to eat, but not much "fun" food left to eat. And since I'm a snacker at heart, there's not much to snack on that I find "fun" that doesn't have wheat or sugar in it. So we'll see how long this lasts. I had almonds and carrots for a snack today. Hmmmm. Not bad, but not quite the same as a handful or two of salty crackers!

I got home in time to get some photos of play before bedtime!
Weegie tries to jump for a piece of the oak tree. It is impressive to be near the donkeys when they do this. It makes me really realize how big they are!
When the oak tree didn't work out, Weegie went after the small pine.

Looking cute for the camera!

At dusk I notice even more the different colorings Paco and Luigi have.

Obviously giving up toys wasn't one of Toby's New Year's resolutions.

Solo navigates through the grass and leaves.

Toby strikes a pose.

A bird tries to hide from view (yesterday).

Weegie scratches himself on his favorite bench.

The foreman refinished the kitchen table! He did an impressive job.