Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Grand Sunday at The Lazy Vegan

Boulder, the grandest cat of all at The Lazy Vegan!

We never did take the donkeys for a walk today- they were having too much fun running around and hanging out on a grand day at The Lazy Vegan- lots of dramatic clouds, a bit of drizzle, plenty of wind and sunshine! Plus the foreman had a real estate appointment midday, and I wasn't about to take the boys out by myself- I can barely manage one of them at a time! Later in the day I got a jump start on my "birthday week" when Snap came by with my favorite dish that she makes- Sweet and Sour Cabbage (I think we are the only ones who like it- and I really love it!) and a beautiful handmade hummingbird stepping stone- photo on tomorrow's blog posting! The funny thing about the stepping stone is that I had just taken a photo of a beautiful hummingbird an hour before. We're going to put the stepping stone by the cabin where the hummingbirds hang out. Well, gotta go. The big-screen t.v. is calling...we've "reserved" another movie for tonight (this could become an expensive habit). I have to go rush through animal chores and make dinner before I make my way up to the "media room" (which we're now affectionately calling the Treehouse Theater- the upstairs reminds us of being in a treehouse)!

Weegie did his London Guard donkey routine all by himself today. He was "frozen" for at least twenty minutes. So cute!!
It is almost like he was in a trance.

Didn't flinch!

My sweet little Weegie!

Beautiful metallic green Hummingbird.
Amazing clouds today.

Randy catches up with tennis after playing tennis himself.

Solo howls his appreciation for the day.

I like to photograph the ranch across the way!

Bravo visits the foreman in the hot tub in the morning.

Happy donkeys!