Thursday, January 1, 2009


Happy first day of 2009!
I started the first day of the new year by springing out of bed at 1:30 a.m. because I heard Boulder giving an alarming cat scream outside. I rushed out and jumped off the terrace- at least I must have, although in that midway sleep-awake zone I have no memory of even getting off the terrace- and I saw Boulder chasing what was either a small fox or a very bushy-tailed cat. So I chased Boulder who chased the fox/cat until he finally stopped to see what was chasing him and I was able to scoop him up and carry him inside, where he remained (much to his dismay) until later in the morning. What an exhilarating start to the new year! Hours later I woke up and went for a long early morning New Year's Day run and was the only person on the trail. And then Randy and I went out and stimulated the sluggish economy by making a second purchase in as many days- we bought a bench thinking it was for the kitchen table, but are ending up using it as a cool coffee table in the living room. The day ended with Paco receiving his first harmonica lesson. Not a bad start to the first day of the new year- harmonica lessons for a donkey!

Paco was intrigued with the little metal gadget that makes noise!
Randy is a pretty enthusiastic teacher.

And the donkeys are a captive audience! Well, literally.

They really do like music of all kinds.

O.K., Paco- blow in and then out!

It's not every day that you see this.

It may take a few more lessons before they can take this act on the road!

Bravo tries to watch the action from indoors.
Paco gets his New Year's Day kiss from me.

I can't imagine starting the new year without my donkeys!
What a beautiful day, too!

Hugging a donkey while wearing the Vegan hat- I might send this to GoVeg.com!

Weegie liked the harmonica but took a pass on the lesson.

Waiting for someone to come along and fill the feeder!

Super playful donkeys bring in the new year!
Here's to 2009!! I think it will be FINE. (At least that rhymes).