Monday, January 26, 2009

Lovely Monday at The Lazy Vegan

Another lovely day with amazing clouds at The Lazy Vegan! All the animals enjoyed some quality play time outdoors. Boulder in particular seemed to enjoy the day- he really knows how to kick back! I got an earlier-than-usual start to the day (before 5 a.m. is, I must say, not for the faint of heart) when Bravo started his morning whining super early. Followed by the impatient meows of Boulder, and then Paco's loud hee-haw (both of the donkeys are getting pretty good at the hee-haw thing- Luigi really blasted one late today that even echoed across the valley!)...there's no sleeping in at The Lazy Vegan! Boulder in one of his many lounging positions!

My beautiful hummingbird stepping stone from Snap!
Toby plays ball near the donkeys.

Boulder waits for dinner.

Paco quickly escorts Toby out of the pasture!

Catching the last of the sunshine with my Boulder.

Poor Solo had a tick right near his mouth today. It took me forever to get it out with tweezers. He tried to bite me, and I don't blame him!

Weegie enjoys his carrot.

Paco eyes the whole bowl.

The wonderful red-shouldered hawk was even closer than usual today, resting on one of our oak trees!

This is one big bird.

I don't think even Boulder would mess with him!