Saturday, January 31, 2009

Meeting Gene Baur, Author of Farm Sanctuary!

Today was a great day- I continued my birthday celebrating by first joining Snap for our weekly bike ride/run and coffee and a few MORE gifts to open (very spoiled this b-day). Then later in the day went to lunch with Snap and Karina (where Snap insisted on treating) at Slice of Life (where I just ate last night- you can't have too much of a good thing) and then Karina and I went to Petaluma to meet Gene Baur, author of Farm Sanctuary. He gave a great talk about factory farms, the two farm sanctuaries in California & New York, and his work...and then signed some books! I took my old hardcopy with me and bought a paperwork version to be signed. When I met Gene Baur I told him my dad had written a column about Farm Sanctuary and of course he remembered and was appreciative. Afterwards Karina and I wandered around Petaluma briefly before heading home. A great outing!

The hardback version and new paperback version.

By a huge door (you can't see how tall it was) in an alley in Petaluma.

Cool alley.

I thought for a few seconds about getting a tattoo. Just kidding!

With our new Farm Sanctuary books!

At Slice of Life!
Back home, Boulder was intrigued by the book signing story.

And Paco and Luigi gave their approval - they're all for farm animal welfare!!

Toby just had one thing on his mind. You can guess what it is.