Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Saturday Filled with Sunshine at The Lazy Vegan

Bravo checks out the new "media cabinet" with no t.v. on top- yet!
Everyone got out to enjoy the sunshine today- even Boulder, although he was caught napping in a bit of sun indoors, too! The donkeys really extended their lounging time. They looked a bit like beached whales from the house. Their bellies can look huge at times, and I certainly don't think that they're UNDERfed. In other Lazy Vegan news, the media cabinet we ordered arrived for the huge t.v. we still don't have. But now at least we're all set. This is almost like waiting for a baby or something! Such hoopla!

Boulder likes his place next to the computer. Maybe he checks his email when we're gone.

Bravo helped me with the blog today. He took his job very seriously.

Solo arriving home after one of his solo adventures!

Paco heads for Toby.

Happy pups!

I felt like a kid with the big empty box from the new media cabinet.

The foreman and Bravo on the terrace.

Jack Rabbits were bounding about today, too!

The donkeys LOVE lounging on a beautiful day!

Here you get a bit of the "beached whale" idea.

Apparently Paco thinks my "beached whale" routine is pretty funny!

Weegie makes sure the feeder really is empty before deciding to join Paco in the lounging event.

What a silly pair!
Luigi takes a moment to sing his praise of the day!

What a rough way to spend a Saturday.

All that's missing is a tall glass of lemonade!