Saturday, February 28, 2009

A Super Saturday at The Lazy Vegan

Paco chases Toby along the fence line.

Another Super Saturday at The Lazy Vegan! The donkeys were ready to play early in the morning and for the rest of the day. Paco had fun running alongside Toby. It was a good thing that the fence was between them, because at one point he swiftly turned and gave a dramatic back kick- which definitely would have hurt Toby! Since rain is returning, it was great to have one more dry day to work and play. I went to the hardware store in search of a feather duster to clean the new big t.v. and stand with...and I had one of those "vegan awareness" moments when I couldn't find a feather duster and had to ask for help- and the sales clerk showed me where they were and told me my options: a duster made of turkey feathers or ostrich feathers- and that's when it hit me: feather dusters made of real feathers aren't vegan!! DUH! So I asked if they carried any non-feather dusters, and luckily they did. Then when I got home I goggled some info about how feathers are obtained for feather dusters and down comforters, etc.- and it was yet another example of how poor animals are exploited for human use. So- no feather dusters made of real feathers for The Lazy Vegan- I just hadn't really thought about it until I went to purchase one!

Happy donkeys!

My new feather-less and vegan feather duster!
Boulder hops over the back of a chair.

Nothing to do but play and graze all day!
Bravo and I really need to go into one of those silly photo booths that they have at the fair to get our photo taken!

Turkeys visit Beetle.

Paco heard me mention carrot time!

Once again, morning nap and dust bath time!

Silly Paco.

Goofy Weegie.

Here's the sight I saw (below) when I drove up the driveway.
I love they way the boys just lift their heads to see who is coming up the drive!

Friday, February 27, 2009

What a Day for Work and Play at The Lazy Vegan!

Weegie shakes himself off after a dust bath.
We took advantage of the sunshine today to work and play at The Lazy Vegan- and so did the animals (they played!). While the foreman continued with the bathroom project, I loaded the truck with all the remodel garbage for the dump. During this, the donkeys spent the time lounging and taking dust baths while the pups napped inside and Boulder slept in his special bed by the computer. Everyone got out to run around at lunch time. What a crazy zoo!

Paco watches Luigi take a dust bath. He does look pretty silly!
For some reason Paco wasn't into a dust bath today.
The foreman contemplates his next construction move- while relaxing with a glass of wine.

After running around like a mad pup, Bravo catches his breath on the terrace.

Taking advantage of the water cooler!

The dogs didn't even seem to notice the donkeys in the pasture today.

A ball and a funny looking toy creature.

Bravo was ruthless, as usual.

Of course I had to take another photo of the Beetle! I'm loving the new roof rack.
Solo and Boulder seem to be discussing how ridiculous Bravo and Toby are while they walk down the driveway in a very dignified fashion.

The donkeys were in splendid moods today- they both "charged" me at the same time!

Boulder wonders where his lunch is.

The donkeys enjoy their lunch under a brilliant blue sky.

The morning nap.

They always seem to pick this spot for the morning nap.
A quail hops to safety from Weegie, who loves to chase the birds!

Weegie was in rare form this morning.
Cute Weegie pose!!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

An Even Better Beetle at The Lazy Vegan!

It is hard to imagine my Beetle getting even better- but today it did with a volkswagen roof rack! I went to the dealership to have it put on and am glad I did (v.s. having the foreman put it on...it took them two hours!). My Beetle looks quite sporty and ready to explore the world! Now I just need a new bike, a new kayak and a new surfboard (for the foreman) to haul...but one thing at a time!
Bravo didn't seem to notice that the Beetle looked different.

O.K., blog reader, bear with me...there are a lot of Beetle photos here!

The roof rack goes nicely with the donkey fencing, too.

I love the VW logo on the rack!
It was the perfect day to take Beetle photos with all the pretty clouds...my Beetle looks like a little cloud!

Boulder just walked straight past the Beetle. He just isn't that impressed, I guess.

The donkeys were pretty interested, however.

Toby had to mark his territory, so to speak- right by the Beetle.

The Beetle looks ready to take flight!

Weegie's adorable lower lip, below.

Helping clean out the barn.
Such helpers!

After a while barn cleaning gets boring, so it is on to playing with the sweet grain pan.

The foreman is making great progress on the new shower.

The slate on the floor is actually going into the shower...each piece was sealed and picked over by the foreman.
Beautiful morning through the balcony.

The foreman takes a break from tile work to check up on real estate with the crew.