Friday, February 6, 2009

The Donkeys Dry Off & The Many Faces of Boulder at The Lazy Vegan

Bravo & Luigi share a moment.
It was another wet day but stopped raining in the early evening, just long enough for the donkeys to dry off a bit and for Boulder to pose for photos! The poor donkeys really don't like getting wet- and they hate it if I try to pet them when they're wet. So I gave them carrots and sang them a little song instead. Tomorrow they should get a chance to fully dry out before more rain comes on Sunday. Luckily their tiny barn is completely leak-proof- it really remains a cozy place to hang out when the weather is bad! Especially when they have lots of fluffy pine shavings to relax on. Spoiled donkeys!
Weegie looks like he's whooping it up!

He took a little dust/mud bath. He seems to take more of them than Paco does.

Poor wet boys!

And now, we present to you: The Many Faces of Boulder!

In this last photo, Boulder looks like he's had enough!

Solo helped with the late evening chores!

Heading into the corral for bedtime.

Toby gets in one last ball toss.

Ready for sweet grain- and so is the bird!