Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Donkeys Enjoy the Day Before the Rain Returns at The Lazy Vegan

Two geese visit The Lazy Vegan before flying off to land in the pond nearby.

I took advantage of a dry day to take the truck and get a load of hay today before it starts to rain again. The foreman really gets a workout unloading all of it. In a way I get a workout, too - I start to sneeze the minute I come close to the hay and won't stop until I get every last piece of it off of me. The guys at the feedstore said that they're even allergic to it lately- this particular batch of orchard grass hay has a weed in it that makes us all react! I'm hoping that today's supply will last a long time- so that when it comes time to buy hay again (which, by the way, is now up to over $18.00 a bale!) it will come from a new source that doesn't have the allergic stuff in it!

Paco and Luigi spent a lot of time discussing things today. No doubt they were discussing the arrivial of a new batch of hay, among other things.

Whatever it was, as soon as they spotted me in the pasture they stopped.

And then as I left, they "discussed" things again!

"You know what, Weegie? I think I saw a new batch of hay go up the driveway!"

Paco always seems to be striking a pose.

Paco came right up to me (I was sitting on the ground) and just stared at me today. It is a little disconcerting being stared at by a donkey!

My fine little Luigi!

Two cute donkeys against a blue sky!

Morning sunshine.
The foreman and Bravo hard at work - the new shower is coming along!

The "media room" is really a construction zone lately.

I love the name of "Wonderboard"!

The foreman had music on while he worked!