Sunday, February 15, 2009

Entertaining Two Bored Donkeys on a Wet, Cold & Windy Sunday

Life's not that rough for the only feline at The Lazy Vegan- indoors on a stormy day!

It rained all night and it rained all day...and I found myself with two bored donkeys to entertain. Paco and Weegie really are not fans of wet weather. They'll venture out when the rain slows down but will then rush to the oak tree or barn for shelter when the wind picks up or it starts to pour. I hung out with them a lot in the barn today, using the upside down hay bucket as a chair. I sang to them (they like "You are My Sunshine"- over and over again) and we discussed the weather, world politics, the quality of sweet grain, and such. They both got extra treats today- I divided up the daily portion of sweet grain and gave half of it to them in the morning and half in the afternoon- and carrots inbetween. Heck, it doesn't get much more exciting than that! Next time I'll bring the BINGO game out. When I wasn't entertaining donkeys, I spent the afternoon scanning a bunch of old family photos- and came across some great ones of the foreman, early on in his life. I'm working on a new photo display of the whole extended family- a big project, and a perfect one for a rainy day!

Braving the elements!

Checking out the straw I put down for mud control.

Both of the donkeys had been slipping in this area- Weegie almost fell this morning.

Using my "chair" for carrot treat time!

When I was cleaning out the barn, the boys hung out in the dining shelter.
I put the self-timer on the camera and set the camera up on a ledge on the barn so I could capture the excitement!

Weegie was pretty intrigued as I hammed it up.

Naturally neither of the donkeys looked up when the camera went off!

Both donkeys got brushed for a long time- they love to be brushed!

The foreman on a horse at a very young age, below!

Big horse for a little kid!
Randy in his poncho -in Mexico.
And one of my favorites- in a classroom in Argentina!