Thursday, February 26, 2009

An Even Better Beetle at The Lazy Vegan!

It is hard to imagine my Beetle getting even better- but today it did with a volkswagen roof rack! I went to the dealership to have it put on and am glad I did (v.s. having the foreman put it on...it took them two hours!). My Beetle looks quite sporty and ready to explore the world! Now I just need a new bike, a new kayak and a new surfboard (for the foreman) to haul...but one thing at a time!
Bravo didn't seem to notice that the Beetle looked different.

O.K., blog reader, bear with me...there are a lot of Beetle photos here!

The roof rack goes nicely with the donkey fencing, too.

I love the VW logo on the rack!
It was the perfect day to take Beetle photos with all the pretty clouds...my Beetle looks like a little cloud!

Boulder just walked straight past the Beetle. He just isn't that impressed, I guess.

The donkeys were pretty interested, however.

Toby had to mark his territory, so to speak- right by the Beetle.

The Beetle looks ready to take flight!

Weegie's adorable lower lip, below.

Helping clean out the barn.
Such helpers!

After a while barn cleaning gets boring, so it is on to playing with the sweet grain pan.

The foreman is making great progress on the new shower.

The slate on the floor is actually going into the shower...each piece was sealed and picked over by the foreman.
Beautiful morning through the balcony.

The foreman takes a break from tile work to check up on real estate with the crew.