Sunday, February 1, 2009

The First Day of February & Super Bowl Sunday at The Lazy Vegan

Boulder and Solo hang out while the game is on!

The best thing about the Super Bowl being on today is that is is NOT on my birthday, which happens on some years! I'm not a Super Bowl fan, although I do like the opening ceremony and half-time, and the snacks inbetween! Before the big game started, the foreman was very productive outdoors- he cleaned up the old veggie garden and added seasoned donkey manure for the first time! He took a few wheelbarrow loads from the very start of the huge manure pile- which was created a year and a half ago. While that exciting event was going on, I had my own share of excitement- cleaning the kitchen and a bedroom closet! I went through all my shoes (really not that many pairs left) and decided to part with the few leather ones that I do still own but rarely wear...I'm just not comfortable wearing leather any more, and after meeting the author of Farm Sanctuary yesterday, I was reminded WHY I don't want to wear leather! And that about sums up the day at The Lazy Vegan- a beautiful start to the month of February!


Bravo gets to visit the upstairs briefly.

The start of the game.

You can't tell, but we're actually standing in the manure pile in this photo!

The foreman hard at work. The manure pile is HUGE.

Paco and Weegie and the pine shaving bag- with a knife!

Bravo helps clear out the old veggie garden.

Toby is just so pleased that it is the first day of February!

Fat Robin.

The boys in the frosty morning.