Thursday, February 12, 2009

Got my Beetle Back at The Lazy Vegan!!

My Beetle is back!!! The auto body shop did a great job- if you know where to look you can see some signs of the fact that it had work done- but very, very slight. It is as good as new - to me! Earlier in the week the vase I had ordered for it arrived- so today I was able to put it in- there's even a section in the owner's manual that talks about inserting the vase - you turn it until it clicks and locks into place. So now with my new vase and my Beetle back, I'm ready to go!
I had to mark the package while the Beetle was gone...just to remind myself that I still HAD a Beetle!

My brave Beetle- good as new! You can see the holes from where the license plate was- the deer took it completely off. Poor deer- I really hope it recovered. I'll have to get a new plate frame.
Boulder wasn't as enthused as I was about the Beetle being back. Here he sits in a really cute pose with his paws tucked neatly in front.

Carrot treat time- I fed the boys myself, as the foreman was engrossed in a plumbing issue upstairs. Paco always has to be shown the empty bowl when the carrots are all gone.
Weegie still won't take a carrot from my hand!

But Paco certainly does.
Sometimes when I first come into the pasture, the boys look at me like I'm some strange creature. I really get a donkey stare-down!

"I don't know, Weegie. She looks strange but I guess she's safe!"