Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday to Paco and Happy Valentine's Day!

What a day at The Lazy Vegan- we celebrated Paco's 2nd birthday and Valentine's Day with the rain and the wind blasting! Paco had a nice birthday party in the barn with Weegie. I bought them a piece of vegan carrot cake to share. I had to move quickly- they were both very eager to get the cake from me! Paco also took a long time staring at the Happy Birthday banner. I think he noticed that it was the same banner I used for Luigi's 2nd birthday! Later in the day as we were going for a drive in the Beetle, we saw a group of four girls chatting with Paco and Weegie. They were headed up our driveway to see if we wanted to buy bouquets of daffodils or a carton of eggs. I told them that we didn't eat eggs, but bought a bouquet- and then told them that it was Paco's 2nd birthday- and it turns out it was the birthday of one of the girls, too!

Paco when he was a day old, above- and with me at The Honkey Donkey farm when he was a few months old, below!

Randy and Paco when they met for the first time at The Honkey Donkey farm.

Paco and his real mom. I still get pangs of heartache when I think about taking them away from their moms. I wish we could have taken the moms, too.

A birthday bash in the barn!

Two little donkeys with high expectations!

What a cute two year old!
The vegan carrot cake was a big hit. I tried to eat all the frosting because I wasn't sure if they should have it- but I had to move FAST.

Even Weegie was very interested in the cake!

Paco studies his birthday banner.
"Hmmm....it looks a lot like the one Weegie had!!"

Soon the banner came down.
Solo loves holidays!

A great day to lounge on the window seat.
Proudly displaying our new Valentine's Day t-shirts: "Go Vegan and No Body Gets Hurt!"
Boulder wasn't too into posing today.

Happy Valentine's Day!