Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Friday the 13th at The Lazy Vegan!

Friday the 13th started off with a bit of sunshine- but quickly turned to rain. I thoroughly cleaned out the barn with my helpers, above. Every couple of weeks I mix cedar chips in with the pine shavings to make the barn smell "fresh" and help keep mites and other bugs away from Paco and Weegie. Paco is pretty excited about his upcoming birthday tomorrow- and Valentine's Day! The foreman came home with a Valentine's gift for me- early and unexpected. Valentine's Day also always reminds me of our cat Valentine, since we had found her (or she found us) ON Valentine's Day. Anyway, Friday the 13th was a fine day- and I expect it to be a fine weekend!
I was getting a bit of the stare-down AGAIN today!

Weegie was especially helpful spreading out the pine shavings.

Posing with Boulder and showing off my Valentine's gift- beautiful silver earrings from the foreman!
Another gift arrived today- I used my b-day gift certificate from Dad & Deb to buy two cookbooks- vegan, of course!
Yikes...here's Bravo being Bravo...

He has quite the range of expressions.
Toby really puts up with Bravo's bullying.
Solo was out when I was cleaning the barn, and we both got caught in the rain and wind!
He was actually barking at me here- no doubt telling me to hurry up.
Early morning visitors!

Boulder mananges to get comfortable!