Monday, February 2, 2009

Happy Groundhog Day at The Lazy Vegan

Happy Groundhog Day! It is hard to believe that Phil saw his shadow - it has been so sunny here lately that I keep thinking we're changing seasons. No groundhog spotted at The Lazy Vegan today- but I found this cute photo online. They really are adorable! It was a mellow day at The Lazy Vegan today- no news to report. Tomorrow Solo goes for his annual check-up, and I've decided to take him to the vet in the truck- I really want to keep the Beetle free of terrier hair! Solo's never taken a drive in the truck- he'll look pretty cute, especially in his special dog car seat! So expect THAT exciting blog post tomorrow!

Boulder taking his early evening nap. He's sitting in the same spot as I type this.
The donkeys rush into the corral for sweet grain. It may not look like rushing, but they were doing their funny little whinny noises the whole time!

We are overwhelmed with Robins this year.

Boulder taking his pre-nap rest.

Bravo sniffs the first Daffodils of the season!

Reading about the Super Bowl at lunch.
Bravo takes in the view.

Squinting in the sun- Bravo needs shades! So do I!