Friday, February 20, 2009

Plenty of Fun on a Friday at The Lazy Vegan

Orange gerber daisies, to remind me of my beloved Beetle!

The animals had plenty of fun kicking back at The Lazy Vegan today! The turkeys didn't visit, but I spotted them further down the road. I bought a bouquet of gerber daisies to remind me of my Beetle at the auto body shop- I should have taken the bouquet TO my Beetle! Today I also got my own personalized open house signs...so the next time I do an open house, people will know who I am!
Boulder sharpens his claws on the tree while Bravo does his routine sniffing.

With my new personalized sign- I got several!

The donks frolic above while Boulder lounges, below.

Sometimes I find a real mess in the corral to clean up. Yippee! Lots of fun, especially when the boys do their business on the bench!

Another blossom.

Happy donkeys.

This is Weegie's "at play" expression. I love how his mouth looks!

And if you double click on the photo below, you can see Weegie's silly grin.

Saying goodbye to the boys in the morning from the rental car.

Boulder's other scratching post!

Toby hopes that Boulder will play.

Toby is desperate for anyone to throw the ball!
No turkeys today, but lots of other birds hanging out!