Saturday, February 28, 2009

A Super Saturday at The Lazy Vegan

Paco chases Toby along the fence line.

Another Super Saturday at The Lazy Vegan! The donkeys were ready to play early in the morning and for the rest of the day. Paco had fun running alongside Toby. It was a good thing that the fence was between them, because at one point he swiftly turned and gave a dramatic back kick- which definitely would have hurt Toby! Since rain is returning, it was great to have one more dry day to work and play. I went to the hardware store in search of a feather duster to clean the new big t.v. and stand with...and I had one of those "vegan awareness" moments when I couldn't find a feather duster and had to ask for help- and the sales clerk showed me where they were and told me my options: a duster made of turkey feathers or ostrich feathers- and that's when it hit me: feather dusters made of real feathers aren't vegan!! DUH! So I asked if they carried any non-feather dusters, and luckily they did. Then when I got home I goggled some info about how feathers are obtained for feather dusters and down comforters, etc.- and it was yet another example of how poor animals are exploited for human use. So- no feather dusters made of real feathers for The Lazy Vegan- I just hadn't really thought about it until I went to purchase one!

Happy donkeys!

My new feather-less and vegan feather duster!
Boulder hops over the back of a chair.

Nothing to do but play and graze all day!
Bravo and I really need to go into one of those silly photo booths that they have at the fair to get our photo taken!

Turkeys visit Beetle.

Paco heard me mention carrot time!

Once again, morning nap and dust bath time!

Silly Paco.

Goofy Weegie.

Here's the sight I saw (below) when I drove up the driveway.
I love they way the boys just lift their heads to see who is coming up the drive!