Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A Trip to the Hairdresser and a Trip to the Vet at The Lazy Vegan

Toby was thrilled that HE didn't have to go to the vet!

It was another beautiful day at The Lazy Vegan today- and we all enjoyed it, because rain is due to come tomorrow! I had a haircut appointment today with Coco, the world's most fun hairdresser - she's a blast! And Solo had his annual appointment, including the rabies shot. They now take the dogs into a separate room for vaccinations- so I couldn't see poor Solo- which is probably just as well! I took little Solo to the vet in the truck - not about to get terrier hairs in my nice Beetle. This was his first ride in the truck and he actually seemed to enjoy it, despite the fact that we ended up at the vet's office!

Solo was one happy camper to be back home.

In his special dog seat in the truck!
The donkeys were particularly playful today.

It is always hilarious when they suddenly stop playing to investigate a sound or sight on the road below.

Which they did a lot of...this always happens early in the evening when people are driving home from work.

At the salon with crazy Coco! Here she sweeps up some of my hair, above...and I dry my hair, below. Such excitement!
I await my haircut...
C'mon, now- who wouldn't trust this wild woman with scissors?!