Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Turkey Convention at The Lazy Vegan

A big group of turkeys visited The Lazy Vegan this morning- and seemed quite content to hang out- it was a turkey convention! Paco and Luigi are always glad to see them. Bravo goes wild at the window- we used to let him out to chase them (his big thrill), but since his ACL was repaired I don't want to risk having him leap off the terrace - he is hyper enough as it is! In other Lazy Vegan news, I noticed that the peach tree has blossoms today- this seems very early. But I think I say that every year. I'll have to check the blog archives to see when it bloomed last year!
A turkey casually crosses the driveway to join his friends.
Donkeys and turkeys!
Turkeys, donkeys and a Beetle!

Donkeys who graze together, stay together...

My rental car- they gave me a pretty sporty little Mazda while my brave Beetle is in the shop!
First peach blossom of the year!

Sometimes I'll try to sneak up on the donkeys in the pasture. Here I surpise Paco, who just gives me the big stare-down in return!
And Weegie was too engrossed in watching a cat cross the road to even notice me.

Paco gets in a few more nibbles of grass before bedtime.
Playing in the corral (while I clean the barn- what else is new?)
The boys supervise while I clean the barn!
A hug from Paco.