Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Turkeys Visit Again on a Sunny Day at The Lazy Vegan

There's something going on at The Lazy Vegan- it is now a turkey AND donkey convention! The turks came to visit the donks again this morning- and hung out very casually for a long time. I think the turkeys have figured out that Paco and Weegie can't get to them through the fence. They all seemed to enjoy the interaction. Heck, maybe they were even having a turkey and donkey conversation! I probably don't know the half of it. I'm just the photographer!
Some of the turkeys are quite big!

Donkeys graze while the turkeys graze- sort of.

Paco seems to be talking to one turkey in particular.

Who knows what they've been discussing! The turks probably want to know where I keep the sweet grain!

Soon the turkeys parted and Paco and Weegie took off up the hill. Perhaps they'll all meet again tomorrow!

Boulder didn't want anything to do with the turkeys.
He had to get caught up on his sleep instead.
It takes a lot of energy to be the only feline at The Lazy Vegan!
Solo and the beautiful sky.

Great clouds today. I miss my Beetle, which reminds me of a cloud. The brave Beetle is still at the auto body shop.

The boys enjoy their sweet grain!
Fuzzy shadowy figure of a hummingbird.

I love the beaks of hummingbirds.

I call this the synchronized stare-down!