Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Welcome Home, Beloved Beetle...at The Lazy Vegan

Got my Beetle Back!! All is well. It looks like new. My brave Beetle is very happy to be home. Everyone else is very happy because they're sick of hearing me talk about it! The donkeys watched as I drove up the driveway- they had wondered what happened to the little white Beetle. Now, onward...and time to steer clear of deer on the roadways!

Weegie and Paco celebrate the arrival of the Beetle.

Cool old-fashioned looking plane went by at lunch time.
The little bird noticed it, too.
Lounging donkeys- Weegie noticed I was taking photos!

After napping the boys always get a new burst of play energy!

Bravo on the bench in the pasture. He is always a tad nervous around the donkeys.

The boys always have wet spots on their necks from where they playfully bite each other!

Weegie in the morning mist.

Weegie seems quite curious lately. Maybe he needs to take up a foreign language or something.

The cows across the way waiting for their dinner.