Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What a Day for Donkeys to Play at The Lazy Vegan!

After rain (and even rainbows- there was a great big one at the office but I didn't have my camera with me!) for most of the day, the sun came out just in time for the donkeys to play and they were thrilled! We had carrot treat time and the dogs got out, too (Boulder was too busy napping indoors to join us). As much as we need the rain, a bit of sun felt really good- and it hopefully dried out the mud a bit- it is pretty darn sloshy in the corral and pasture!
Playing by the cypress trees.

Bravo's silly pose during carrot treat time- he's getting in position to run for a carrot that the foreman will toss!

Paco looks for a good cypress nibble.

With my Weegie- first I had to "catch" him!

Paco and the foreman enjoy the harmonica music together.

The red-shouldered hawk on a rare visit on our pine tree.

The sun came just in time- things were getting so boring in the barn that the donkeys were even yawning.

Playful donks!

My Beetle and the view. My Beetle goes into the second auto body shop tomorrow.
When it rains for days on end, the barn is the only hang out.

Boulder spent a short time outdoors and then decided he didn't want to get his paws wet.