Friday, February 27, 2009

What a Day for Work and Play at The Lazy Vegan!

Weegie shakes himself off after a dust bath.
We took advantage of the sunshine today to work and play at The Lazy Vegan- and so did the animals (they played!). While the foreman continued with the bathroom project, I loaded the truck with all the remodel garbage for the dump. During this, the donkeys spent the time lounging and taking dust baths while the pups napped inside and Boulder slept in his special bed by the computer. Everyone got out to run around at lunch time. What a crazy zoo!

Paco watches Luigi take a dust bath. He does look pretty silly!
For some reason Paco wasn't into a dust bath today.
The foreman contemplates his next construction move- while relaxing with a glass of wine.

After running around like a mad pup, Bravo catches his breath on the terrace.

Taking advantage of the water cooler!

The dogs didn't even seem to notice the donkeys in the pasture today.

A ball and a funny looking toy creature.

Bravo was ruthless, as usual.

Of course I had to take another photo of the Beetle! I'm loving the new roof rack.
Solo and Boulder seem to be discussing how ridiculous Bravo and Toby are while they walk down the driveway in a very dignified fashion.

The donkeys were in splendid moods today- they both "charged" me at the same time!

Boulder wonders where his lunch is.

The donkeys enjoy their lunch under a brilliant blue sky.

The morning nap.

They always seem to pick this spot for the morning nap.
A quail hops to safety from Weegie, who loves to chase the birds!

Weegie was in rare form this morning.
Cute Weegie pose!!