Monday, March 2, 2009

Blustery Second Day of March at The Lazy Vegan

Paco rests his head on Weegie- that's what donkey pals are for!

It was a very blustery second day of March today! The donkeys didn't seem to mind the wind too much- but I'm glad they have a well-built barn to hang out in. I've discovered that my Beetle handles pretty darn well in high winds for a small car (if it didn't, I'd have to call it Herbie if it became airborne- har, har, har!). I've started taking my camera with me (because one never knows when a good photo opportunity comes along) when I leave the house- I want to capture the donkeys when they're being really silly when I come home (I've seen the neighbors drive by slowly to see them sometimes- Paco and Luigi seem to like to pose in ridiculous and cute poses for the entire neighborhood!).

Paco deep in thought.

Weegie knows I have carrots in my pocket, even though he can't see them!

Racing donkeys. It was so windy I thought they might fall over.
A neighbor's cat was brave enough to enter the pasture- but Weegie promptly chased it off.
My first time arriving home, the boys just ran and then walked alongside the Beetle. It was time for lunch, and they were in no mood to look cute!

When I came home later in the day, though, they greeted me like this:
Paco was chomping at the fence.

Weegie smiled while Paco chomped- and Weegie even gave a silly grin!

The view from inside the Beetle, of course.

Donkeys standing guard.

Pups relaxing. That's Solo's colorful heating pad that I heat up a few times a day for him.

For about five minutes in the early morning, the sun came out. But then by night it was awfully stormy. Here's Boulder coming inside after a brave outing!

Weegie checks out his shadow.

Toby doesn't mind a little rain and wind- as long as somebody tosses his toy!

Grazing on the steep part of the hill.

Weegie stops to smell a flower!