Thursday, March 5, 2009

Boulder the Weather Cat at The Lazy Vegan

Boulder checks out the skies to prepare his weather report.

Boulder has been very aware of the weather lately. Since he hates to get his paws wet, he now always tests out the terrace first when I let him out. If it is wet, he spins around and comes back in. Obviously this doesn't always work on days when it rains non-stop. Then I have to encourage him (with a loving little shove) to brave the elements. Anyway, recently I've caught him checking out the skies as if getting ready to prepare a weather report! Either that or he's looking for birds. In any case, it is cute to watch him sniff the air and look around!

Boulder the weather cat!

Too bad he doesn't talk. I could see if Channel 2 needed him for their nightly forecast.

The cows all cozy across the way. I really like these cows. They have a routine- around the time I put Paco and Weegie into the corral for the night they get fed- and I hear one of the black cows really mooing away for his food!

The turks came in search of sweet grain today- I had thrown some in the bushes because I noticed it was getting moldy. I'm going to have to start storing the sweet grain container- even though it is weatherproof- in the cabin.
I love the blue faces!

Yet another cute donkey photo.

I recently walked the property and found all the dog toys discarded here and there (Toby likes to take them out and then abandon them)- I came up with over 20 of them and tossed them all into the washing machine. Solo was happy to be reunited with his donkey toy, above.

Weegie has really been enthused about carrot treat time lately!

The beautiful black horse across the way.

Amazing wingspan!

SERIOUS staredown time after hee-hawing for lunch!