Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Butterfly Visits The Lazy Vegan

Not one turkey stopped by to visit today! After days of the big turkey crowd, this was a surprise. But we did have a visit from this beautiful butterfly! I have no idea where the turkeys went- I didn't hear them anywhere in the neighborhood. Perhaps they'll return tomorrow. It was a warm day today and suddenly the flies are here to annoy the donkeys- I have to put my order in for Fly Predators- it is officially fly season!
The butterfly was enjoying the rosemary, along with zillions of buzzing bees.

It hung around long enough for me to consider it being a "Dan visit", but I really associate Dan with dragonflies now!

Ta-Da!! The foreman is nearing completion on the new shower!

Weegie was especially silly today!

Paco's custom scratching post!

Toby in the green, long grass.

Bravo gives Boulder a quick kiss.

Lots of lizards out today, too.

A very weird yawn from Boulder.

Lounging donkeys in the morning. I just love it when they sit down!

Not a bad way to start the day!